Cannon Pro 17 – The 2017 model with improved construction!

The Cannon Pro 17 with improved blade construction - improved durability without sacrificing speed and accuracy. 

Key facts:

  • Constant flex (Mid kick)
  • 420 +/-5 g
  • 100% high quality carbon fibre
  • CANNON 3D grip
  • Extra light blade construction with Cannon 2-bridge technology
  • Length: 67”/170 cm

169,00 €
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  • Bäckström Lapa also Barkov Custom Blade
  • Lidström (P02) lapa
  • Cannon Blade Patterns

Lapa Mallit:

Lidström (C05) Lapa:

  • LIE: 6.0
  • Mid Curve
  • Very Open Face
  • Square Toe Shape
  • Long Length

Description: Deep heel curve with an open face and square toe. 
Advantages: This curve has many features that benefit defensemen. The square toe is excellent for pulling pucks off the boards that have been rung by forwards. The long length is excellent for getting the puck deep, as well as shooting one-timers and poke-checking. Long blades like this one are also good for getting the puck on net quickly. Lastly, the P02 curve is great for slappers.
Drawbacks: Most players prefer a round toe for pulling off moves (toe-drag etc). This is also a pretty big curve, which makes passing and shooting on the backhand difficult.

Barkov Custom Lapa (C16):

  • LIE: 5.0
  • Mid/Toe Curve
  • Slightly Open Face
  • Mid- Length
  • Round Toe

Description: This is a big mid curve with a slightly open face. The Barkov custom blade is quite similar to the P92 curve.
Advantages: This is the stickhandling curve. Toe drags, dekes, and straight up dangling will be easier with this blade pattern, because you can cup the puck better. The Barkov custom blade is also great for snap shots because of the deep mid curve. The open face also makes it easier to raise the puck when you are in tight close to the net. Lastly, this curve is great for saucer passes.
Drawbacks: The deep curve and open face makes backhand passing and shooting more difficult. 
Bottom Line: If stickhandling and quick snap shots are what you're looking for, this curve is for you.