CANNON's 2018 Pro-model has arrived! The improved shaft construction allows more accurate shots without compromising the puck speed. The PRO18 gives you incredible feel for the puck thanks to its great balance. The 2-bridge technology blade ensures best durability paired with the ability of a quick puck release. This awesome package comes with a simple and very dynamic design. 

Key facts:

  • Low-kick for quick release
  • Stick weight 420g
  • 100% high quality carbon fiber
  • CANNON 3D grip for best possible feel and grip
  • 2 bridge technology blade construction for great durability and quick release
  • Stick length 63 inches/160cm (total length of the stick)

139,00 €



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CANNON PRO18 Side View

CANNON PRO18 Side View

  • CANNON PRO18 Side View
  • CANNON PRO18 Bottom View
  • CANNON PRO18 Top View
  • C08 Ovechkin Blade Pattern
  • CANNON PRO18, 75 Flex, Low-Kick, INT Length
  • Cannon Blade Patterns
  • Get your name printed on the stick!
  • CANNON PRO18, 75 Flex, Low-Kick, INT Length
  • Pro18 Shaft Graphics
  • CANNON 3D grip

Lapa Mallit:

Ovechkin (C08) Lapa:

  • LIE: 5.0
  • Type: Mid
  • Depth: Moderate
  • Angle: Slightly open
  • Shape: Round
  • Length: Medium
  • Size: 9/16"

Description: This is the legal version of the old CCM Crazy Ovi curve. It is a mid curve with an open face and a round toe.  
Advantages: The P08 curve is as unique as OVI himself – it is great for technical puck handling and sniping water bottles.

Drawbacks: The mid curve and open face makes backhand passing and shooting difficult. Snap shots are more difficult to do as well because of the big curve.   
Bottom Line: If stick handling and hard wrist shots are your thing, the C08 is just what you are looking for.