Cannon Pro 16 INT – The New Generation of Hockey!

The Cannon Pro 16 is the weapon of choice for the modern hockey player.
It provides you with more speed and accuracy.

Key facts:

  • Constant flex (Mid kick)
  • 445 +/-5 g
  • 100% high quality carbon fibre
  • 3D grip
  • Constant flex
  • Extra light blade construction
  • Length: 63”/160 cm
139,00 €



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Cannon Pro 16 INT, Flex: 70

Cannon Pro 16 INT, Flex: 70

  • Cannon Pro 16 INT, Flex: 70
  • Ovechkin P08 Lapa
  • Erkinjuntti Blade Pattern
  • Kane Lapa
  • P2 Lidström Lapa
  • Cannon Pro 16 INT, Flex: 70
  • Cannon Pro 16 INT, Flex: 70
  • Cannon Pro 16 INT, Flex: 70
  • Cannon Pro 16 INT, Flex: 70
  • Cannon Pro 16 INT, Flex: 70
  • Cannon Pro 16 INT, Flex: 70
  • Cannon Pro 16 INT, Flex: 70
  • Cannon Blade Patterns

Ovechkin (C08) Lapa:

  • LIE: 5.0
  • Type: Mid
  • Depth: Moderate
  • Angle: Slightly open
  • Shape: Round
  • Length: Medium
  • Size: 9/16”

Description: This is the legal version of the old CCM Crazy Ovi curve. It is a mid curve with an open face and a round toe.
Advantages: The P08 curve is as unique as OVI himself – it is great for technical puck handling and sniping water bottles.

Drawbacks: The mid curve and open face makes backhand passing and shooting difficult. Snap shots are a bit more difficult to do as well because of the big curve. Bottom Line: If stickhandling and hard wrist shots are your thing, the P08 is just what you are looking for.

Erkinjuntti (C74) Lapa:

  • LIE: 5.0
  • High Toe Curve
  • Open Face
  • Mid Length

This is the fastest growing pattern for elite players around the world. It not only keeps the puck on the toe for deadly accurate snap shots, but the open face also forces your hands out in front of the puck to maximize the load and release of the stick.

Kane (C88) Lapa:

  • LIE 6.0
  • P88 pattern
  • Mid curve type
  • Moderate curve depth
  • Curve Size ½”
  • Neutral face
  • Medium Blade Length
  • Round toe shape

Description: This is a prety big mid-heel curve with a closed face.
Advantages: This curve is good for stickhandling and excellent for shooting. The deep curve and closed face makes it easy to cup and therefore control the puck. As for shooting, the closed face on the P88 makes it easier to control shots and keep them low. 
Drawbacks: This deep curve makes it more difficult to shoot and pass on the backhand. In close to the net, it is harder to get the puck up quickly than a curve with an open face such as the P92.

Bottom Line: This is the shooters' curve. The hook on this curve zips the puck off the stick wherever you want, high or low.

Lidström (C05) Lapa:

  • LIE: 6.0
  • Mid Curve
  • Very Open Face
  • Square Toe Shape
  • Medium Length

Description: Deep heel curve with an open face and square toe. Blade length – Long
Advantages: This curve has many features that benefit defensemen. The square toe is excellent for pulling pucks off the boards that have been rung by forwards. The long length is excellent for getting the puck deep, as well as shooting one-timers and poke-checking. Long blades like this one are also good for getting the puck on net quickly. Lastly, the P02 curve is great for slappers.
Drawbacks: Most players prefer a round toe for pulling off moves (toe-drag etc). This is also a pretty big curve, which makes passing and shooting on the backhand difficult.

Lucenius (C89) Lapa:

  • LIE: 5.0
  • Super Curve
  • Open Face
  • Short Length