CX3 Limited Edition JR Mid-Kick

This stick made by one-piece spear construction process, it gives players an incredible puck feel, excellent balance and a consistent flex profile, designed for active response. Nano resin system extend the life of the sticks shaft and improve the overall durability of the stick. High density foam providing the support and durability for the blade, the carbon bridge ensures the blade face stays square to the target without opening up and losing accuracy.

Key Facts:

  • Construction: Spear one-piece
  • Shaft Dimensions: Square Corners / Straight Sidewalls
  • Flex Point: Mid Kick
  • Materials:100% carbon fiber, 18k Weave
  • Weight: 375g 
  • Length: 150 cm

99,00 €



CX3 2018 Model

CX3 2018 Model

  • CX3 2018 Model
  • CANNON CX3 JR Mid-Kick, Flex 50
  • CANNON CX3 JR Mid-Kick, Flex 50
  • C74 Erkinjuntti Blade Pattern
  • C92 Blade Pattern
  • Cannon Blade Patterns

Bäckström (C92) Lapa:

  • LIE: 5.5
  • Mid Curve
  • Slight+ Open
  • Mid- Length

Description: This is a big mid curve with a open face.
Advantages: This is the stickhandling curve. Toe drags, dekes, and straight up dangling will be easier with the P92, because you can cup the puck better. The P92 is also great for snap shots because of the deep mid curve. The open face also makes it easier to raise the puck when you are in tight close to the net. Lastly, this curve is great for saucer passes.
Drawbacks: The deep curve and open face makes backhand passing and shooting difficult. 

Bottom Line: If stickhandling and quick snap shots are what you're looking for, the P92 is for you.

Erkinjuntti (C74) Lapa:

  • LIE: 5.0
  • High Toe Curve
  • Open Face
  • Mid Length

Pros: The C74 is one of the more widely used patterns in the NHL. This is perfect for players who love to use the toe of their blades. It is great for toe drags and shooting off the toe. The C74 is widely gaining popularity because of its stick-handling control and ease of going top shelf.

Cons: Like all large curves it may be harder to use the backhand of this curve. Many of you may find it hard to control your shots and keep the puck down on the ice.

Conclusions: If you like toe dragging and going top shelf this is the curve for you.